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The following are things I have and use and love and recommend.
Through the magic of affiliate links, I get paid a teensy bit,
and appreciate you enormously,
when you click on them.
Tiny, sharp, folding scissors that look like an ear of corn. 
I take them everywhere, because I can.

Knitter's Pride Dreamz Circular Needles, Size 10
I make a lot of scarves on these, and of course they come in many different sizes.
My very favorites.

Uni Posca Paint Pens
When you want to paint a rock, these are the thing to use.
I most often use white for my mandala designs. Clean and pretty.

Paint Pens in other Colors
These are fun too.

Paint Pens in even more Colors
When you want a major color pigout.

Clover Super PomPom Makers
I love these so much, I sent a set to each of my daughters.
They didn't know they needed them until they got them.
Now they know.

Neo G Wrist/Thumb Support
My left thumb hurts. It's an old beadmaking injury...
I can knit with this stretchy glove on, and it really helps a lot.
I have three of them, just in case I misplace...