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Adios Amigos

I made the announcement today that I'll soon be closing my BeadShop, and going out of the bead business. I know that seems unthinkable to some people, but it's been coming for some time now, and I think I can explain why.

I've been at the torch for almost 16 years. My usual stint at most things is about 7 years. Although it's been a good long ride, it's time to move on. In the time I've been making beads, I've seen countless new beadmakers hit the scene, some of them good, creative, original artists, and some just copying what's already working for someone else. I've had my share of copy-cats, and although they never really hurt me, I have to admit to finding them annoying. Anyway, over the years we all began to notice something of an overabundance of beads out there. Combine that with a slow economy, and many of us who were used to making a good living from our beads gradually found it harder and harder to make ends meet. Cheap Chinese lampwork, al…

Back In Bloom

Well, well... I didn't see them coming, but flowers are making their way back to my studio. I really thought I was done with them, but that was back in January, when the landscape wasn't exactly flowery and inspiring. Now Taos is back in bloom though, and it seems to be contagious. Nothing wrong with that, although I'm really glad I gave myself the nice long break from the "forced blooms" I'd been doing for years. How long will these current glass gardens last? Who knows. I'll make them until I don't make them anymore. How vague and uppity and artisty of me, eh? For now, well, let's just enjoy them while they're here. They can be found in the BeadShop, until they're all picked.

Kim & Lauren are Moving

I've decided to move the "Kim & Lauren" posts, about our upcoming half marathon adventure at Disneyland, over to my other blog, PositivelyVegan. I think it's a better fit, and I hope you'll head over there right this minute and sign up to Follow By Email, "Like" me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or "Join This Site." PV is growing and taking on a life of its own, and I'd love a nice big audience to go along with it. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy a good meal, or to learn something new. Come on over and see what's cooking. We're having fun!

Kim and Lauren - Post #13

Kim: We have no Lauren again this week. She's having too much fun, and I'm not going to be the one to pin her down to homework when there are so many other things she can be doing. She's still in the race, and she's still training. My girl is doing great, so you're stuck with me for now...
There's no such thing as time. I know this. That doesn't stop me from sort of obsessively timing my morning runs. In my own defense, I want to know how I'm doing, so I'm at least pretty sure I can finish the race in the alloted time frame. I want to finish that race. So I think it's a good idea to keep track of my progress, so I can push harder gradually, as I go, rather than freaking out in the last three weeks because I'm too slow to finish.
It make sense to me, but maybe I'm wrong... It seems every time I go out to set a personal best, I'm delayed by everything from malfunctioning gadgets, to road work, to cute little puppies that just make me stop…

Kim and Lauren - Post #12


It took me a week to catch my breath after the big Seattle trip. This week I came up with a new, more serious, training schedule, and then just to make sure I stay motivated, I signed up for a 5K next month. What? Well, sure, why not? I mean it sounds like a big deal, bit it's just a smidge over 3 miles - 3.1 to be exact - and I do that twice a week already, with a longer run on Fridays. I think it will be good to do a "real" race before the half marathon, and besides, it's for a good cause. It's being put on by the local hospital, which I avoid like... well, like a hospital. But in this case, all the money raised goes to people in the community who are dealing with cancer, not just for medical stuff, but for things like groceries, bills, daycare, and other everyday things. While I refuse to "run for cancer" (what we fight, we feed, and what we focus our attention on gets stronger), I'm more than happy to run for people! That's where my att…

My First 5K

In preparation for the half-marathon I'm doing in September, I've just signed up for a 5K here in Taos. I think it will be fun to see what a real race is like, it's getting me to focus on the training a bit more, and besides, it's for a good cause. All the money raised is going to actual humans who are dealing with cancer, to help them with everyday needs and expenses. I can get behind that!

The For The Health Of It 5K is on June 16, and I'm on my friend, Sue Williford's team, the Prima Divas. We can use more team members! The entry fee is only $35, and you can sign up here. We'd love to have you!

And if you can't run/walk with us, but would like to support us in making a positive difference in real people's lives, donations can be made either on Sue's page, or on mine. Thanks so much! Here's to your good health!

Back to it

I've been home for a week. The laundry is done. Several meals have been cooked. Friends have been seen. Herbs have been planted. It's time to get back to business, but maybe not quite as usual.

My preference would be to spend my days in the kitchen, inventing, perfecting, photographing, learning, sharing. My reality hasn't quite caught up to that yet though, so today I plan to sit myself down at the torch and see what comes of it. I took an unpaid month off of work, and I need to replenish the bank account. I'll keep the love in the beads, of course, but the bigger part of my heart is now in the kitchen. I used to want to decorate everyone I met. Now I want to feed them. It's kind of like decorating from the inside out.

I think I'll be putting less time into this blog, and more into PositivelyVegan. We have to do what makes our hearts sing as much as possible. That's how the truly Good Work gets done, because it's inspired by something greater than ours…

Postcards From the Road - Santa Cruz, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, and Home

This is the last post from our trip - and what a trip it's been. I was just too busy to get to it the last few days, so here's the final batch of pictures. Enjoy!

The second day in San Jose, where I grew up, was spent in Santa Cruz, where I spent a lot of time in my high school years, when I should have been in class...

I did a little cooking that night, and taught Linda how to make spring rolls and nori rolls. We had fun!

After a too short visit with my family, Rick and I headed for Las Vegas, where we met up with an old high school friend, Paul Graham. Paul writes the terrific blog, Eating Vegan In Vegas, so he was the perfect person to tell us all the best places to eat.

The next morning we decided to take Paul's advice, and drive over to Pura Vida for breakfast. We were so glad we did. We ended up ordering extra food to take with us, know that the vegan pickings are slim at the Grand Canyon, our next stop.


Postcards From the Road - Heading South

We're heading for home now, but definitely taking the long way, with stops in Ashland, San Jose, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. 

I'm back in San Jose, in the neighborhood I grew up in. Walking the dogs with my sister this morning, I felt like I was walking to school. Something about the smell of this place, and the feel of the morning air... nice. We're going over to Santa Cruz today for a little beach time. Pictures will follow, of course!

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim

Kim and Lauren - Post #11

I'm really sorry - I have nothing for this post this week. School is out, but it's still at the front of my focus. We're on our way home now, by way of Ashland, San Jose, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. If I'm lucky, I'll get to run on the Rim Trail. If not, I'll pick it all back up when we get back to Taos. For now, I'm just too distracted to even think about the race. I have time though. Plenty of time. I'll check in again next week...

Shit Happens
Last week I ran my butt off. I was strong and determined. I was excited and proud to share my life and running successes with the people I cared about. My mom was in town and I was on top of the world. On Wednesday there was a huge personal jolt in my life.... CRASH.

Shit happens, people make new decisions, stuff changes and people like me don't deal with that very well. When all I could feel was my world crashing around me I sought comfort in the family I was lucky to have around and the …

Postcards From the Road - Mission Accomplished

It was a great last day of class. I was well prepared for my spanakopita demo, and spent some extra time this morning making sure of it.

I was fourth in line today, so had lots of time to be nervous, but I still feel like I did really well, especially for someone who has no real experience in public speaking, and who rarely leaves her house.

A farewell dinner with the kids was the best way to finish our time in Seattle.

Good night Seattle. We're heading out in the morning. You've been splendid, on so many levels!

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim

Postcards From the Road - Cornbread

The Fremont Market is where I sold beads a million years ago. Well, fifteen. The market has changed over the years, but it's still fun, and I was glad to have time for a wander through it before class started.

I was first up to do my demo in class today. I think I did OK, and it was fun, and not as scary as I thought it would be. I made a killer cornbread that turned out just like it was supposed to. How 'bout that.

Tomorrow is the last day of class, and another day of demos. I'm doing spanakopita triangles, which I've just learned are made by folding the filling into long strips of phyllo dough, in a way similar to how you'd fold a flag. Good thing I was a Girl Scout and learned that little flag folding trick.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. Think I'll try to prepare a little more tonight. Talking points. I need my talking points...

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim