By yesterday afternoon, most people in Taos had their gas service restored. Snow had been lightly falling all day, and as the sun went low over the mesa, a lovely sense of calm seemed to fall across town. Our own backyard was just beautiful. The light and long shadows and dramatic sky hinted at some sort of breakthrough. Maybe I'm imagining things, but then that's how some of the best things get started--in our imaginations.


Penny said…
The other morning, as I was driving my girls to school, I noticed the sun coming up earlier than it had been since this long winter began. All the peaches, pinks and yellows over the leaf-bare trees. A sense of peace came over me and it gave me a feeling of "it is going to be alright". I get where you are coming from. My imagination is quite vivid :).
Levonne said…
You have a gigantic back yard! You've been experiencing a weather "adventure." I love those. I miss you!