More From Feeny's Friends

Not long ago I told you about my friend Feeny, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, and the amazing way her Taos friends pulled together to raise money for her treatment. We did really well, raising over $15,000. I'm told there is enough for two of the three months of treatment she needs, and now the push is on to raise the funds for that crucial third month. Read more on Feeny's blog, which she promises to update regularly, generously making this difficult time in her life into a valuable learning opportunity for us all.

Now here's your chance to help this amazing woman do what needs to be done. The online sale of wonderful items donated by Taos artists is up and running, with new things appearing daily. I have three pieces there, and it's not an auction, but a regular sale, so all you have to do is swoop in and snap 'em up. And don't miss out on Lenny Foster's "Healing Hands" 2011 Calendar. It's a beautiful thing! The sale items are listed as blog postings, so you'll want to click the links to previous and later entries at the bottom of the pages. Start here, where you'll find my offerings, and then wander through the site for lots of good information and positive energy, and great art.

That's it for now. I got things to do!
xoxo Kim

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Anonymous said…
I was very touched when you first mentioned Feeny before and now to see what taos has done for her is even more touching. I am intrigued by the painting "Oh Darlin" one of my favorite songs,just don't have the money for that one but I do have some for a treat for me. Thank you, Kim
Beth in Illinois
Carolien said…
I think it's a really good thing you all are helping out Feeny. I really hope you all can raise the money!
Hugs, Carolien
Zoe Nelson said…
It's great to see your artist community come together to help one of your own.
Penny said…
Feeny is blessed and a blessing from the sounds of your posts on her.

Anonymous said…
That is a wonderful thing the Taos community is doing for her. Suzie
Anonymous said…
Feeny is lucky to have so much support in the face of adversity. You all do Taos proud! Sara in FL
Lynn said…
It is great to see a community come together for one of their own!

PA said…
Good luck with all of your efforts to help. That's what community is all about. Polly Anna
Anonymous said…
An awesome cause ! Breast cancer strikes too many. Going to see if there is anything that is within my budget since I am now among the ranks of searching for a job. April
m.e. said…
This show of so much love and support is as valuable as the dollars it will raise.
What a wonderful,caring community you are part of.