It's Giveaway Time...Almost

I'm working on a Gratitude Bracelet Giveaway! Why? Because it will make me happy, and it's perfect for this time of year, when we turn our attention to what's right with our lives. With Thanksgiving in mind, I want to say that I'm so very grateful for all of you who read my blog. Thank you! The bracelet giveaway is one small way I can show my appreciation. I'm waiting for a shipment of big silver beads from Thailand, so I can complete a batch of bracelets. As soon as I have them--and figure out the details--I'll post it all here on the blog. Soon, I promise! Stay tuned, and have a wonderful Sunday!


It makes me happy to know that you are firing up that torch. I always feel better when I am creating something.
Zoe Nelson said…
Oooooh I love a give away! I'll be watching.
Anonymous said…
Ditto what Zoe said.
they are great! I like them!
greets from austria